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Dragon-Tiger Game in GClub Casino

The best way to enjoy so many slots games, even the greatest of all free slots games in addition to other online casino games, can only be possible at GClub casino where you will be able to enjoy so many entertainment options. One of the popular games you can enjoy in this casino is the Dragon-Tiger game, which offers so many amazing bonuses and also gives quick jackpots.

The robust forces of the Yin and Yang are the major thing that is represented by the Dragon Tiger game. It is important to note that the Yin stands for the Tiger while the Yang represents the Dragon. Dragon-Tiger is popularly known as the casino war. In Europe, it is known as the war of bets. This is a game with an Asian origin, and it was first played in Cambodia. The game has gradually spread to different parts of the world, and it is now played in so many online casinos today.

There are many reasons why players love this game, and some of the reasons include its pace, simplicity, and also its superiority. This is the two-card version of the baccarat game, which is also a popular game.

How to Play

This is a simple game to play. It involves a process where extra cards are drawn by players. This game has so many similarities with the casino war game. Two cards are distributed by the dealer, one is for the player (the Tiger), and the other card is for the banker (the Dragon). It is important to note that extra cards are not drawn in this game. The player will have to place a bet on the result instead of playing against the dealer as you would expect.

Another thing to note about the Dragon-Tiger game is that it deals with only eight decks out of 52 cards, which is the regular thing. The deals are from blackjack holding 8 or 5 decks alone, and there are no wilds in the gameplay. The player would have to choose the highest card between the Dragon or the Tiger. Players are allowed to place a bet on one of the three options, i.e., Dragon wins, Tiger win, or a draw. Multiple pets can be placed in some cases, especially if you get the correct answer in two positions. Your reward for this will be an instant 50% reward of your bet

Advantages of the Game

This is a very interesting game to behold and because of its advantages, which include the fact that there are no variations of this game. This is a nice choice to play, especially if you are not fully ready for the baccarat game. The Dragon-Tiger game is a very nice start for beginners.

Another advantage is that the mobile version is also made available for users to play at the convenience of their homes, or even on a bus, or when on the beach. Players can also play the game in real-time at GClub online casino.